A neurotic, newly divorced 45-year old man gets a “do-over” on his sex life as he discovers and tries to navigate the brave new world of on-line dating, hook-up apps, fitness clubs, dog parks, 12-step programs, speed dating, Yoga classes, beauty salons and other non-traditional methods of finding “f*ckbuddies.” 
A 17-year old straight-laced, A-student is forced to move from Boston’s upper crust
to the streets of Boulder, Colorado
to live with a father she never knew she had;
​a man she’s horrified to discover is an old hippie stuck in the 60’s.
A woman becomes the prize when her
ex-husband and her former boyfriend compete again for her hand in marriage, 25 years after they did it the first time. Meanwhile, her father and her boyfriend’s mother fall in love, as does her daughter and her boyfriend’s son, creating a rather peculiar love heptagon.


A rockstar finds himself stranded in a blizzard in rural Kansas and must survive a week living with the elements, a family of eccentric farmers and a farmer’s daughter from Hell.
A fling turns into a crush, then infatuation and finally obsession when an eccentric, quirky and all together outrageous man finds and then loses the girl of his dreams and will do anything to get her back. 
A 19-year old self-absorbed sorority girl inadvertently receives a text message that plunges her into an international conspiracy. 
A woman's "perfect" life is thrown into turmoil when she discovers her daughter's fiancé is the son of her one true love- a man she abandoned 25 year earlier.
What begins as an experiment for a research lab, ends up transforming the scientist's 9-year old son from the world’s worst athlete into the best pitcher in Little League, and in the end, cementing the strained relationship
​between father and son.

A perennial loser diagnosed with a terminal disease decides to turn the tables on the 9th step of the 12-step program and seek revenge on those who

have wronged him during his life.

Step 9: Wherever possible, make direct amends to all persons we have harmed, except when to do so

would end your own life.

Life's short.

Get f*cked while you can.

A dramedy about a man, diagnosed with terminal cancer, who spends the last months of his life trying to find a suitable replacement for himself.

A relentless tabloid reporter pursues the story of her career but ends up being the story when she falls in love

with the reclusive actress she is pursuing.

TMZ meets "It Happened One Night."

And Then, This  Happened

A beautiful, confident, successful woman believes she can and does have it all,
until she has one of those days and loses everything, and then does whatever it takes
​to get it all back.